What is hosting

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All websites need a web host to be able to be viewed on the internet. A web host is a company that provides space on physical servers where the website lives. Whenever a visitor goes to a website, the information they are getting on their web browser is coming from the web server, which is always connected to the internet, and always ready to serve up the web pages.

Websites require a degree of maintenance to stay happy and healthy. This upkeep is the responsibility of either the owner of the website or the webmaster. We provide a reliable and secure home where the website lives. But even in a secure home, an un maintained site can have its home broken into. If that happens it is most likely due to the website being neglected, and fixing it is the responsibility of the webmaster or site owner, not the web host.

Our Premium hosting plan includes webmaster services, such as site maintenance, and cleaning up hacked sites.